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Raleigh Chopper Mark1 was in production from 1969-1972, colours available were; Brilliant Orange, Golden Yellow, Flamboyant Green, and Horizon Blue.
Also in 1971 Targa Mustard. This model came with a High Back Sissybar.

The easy to spot differences with a Mk2 are, the Mk1 had an adjustable handlebar stem,  round topped sissybar, longer seat (sometimes with orange strap) and a round black gear knob with the three R`s. And the main seat stay tube, which runs from the axle dropout to the sissybar, was straight.

There were some Mk1 frames sold around 1972 which also used some Mk2 equipment like handlebars and sissybars. This was a crossover period, with Raleigh using up old leftover Mk1 frames.

Raleigh Choppers were sold all over the world, and sometimes re-badged, BSA in Europe,  Eaton Fastback in Canada, Dominator in Australia, Raleigh in South Africa. In Ireland the headbadge stated Raleigh "Made In Ireland" instead of "Made In Nottingham".
American Raleigh Choopers can be spotted easily as they have lower sissybars, which do not come higher than the the back of the seat. They also have a 5 speed Mk1 and a 10 Speed versions.

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